How it all started


Leasa’s Story

Little Freckles started on an impulse one day back in 2015. I am very impulsive and decided I was fed up with branded candles leaving black soot marks on my walls, not to mention the paraffin being terrible for your health. I then read into healthier options and came across Soy. I looked at my husband and said “I’m going to give this a go” and I did!

It wasn’t an easy road but it was fun and I enjoyed it, having 2 kids and a husband it was nice to have a project that was mine and it kept my mind active. I worked in the corporate world for many years so the change was scary but exciting.

Few years later and all the boring formulations and regulations of this job that scared me are a thing of the past and I now feel I have myself together and have my brand how I want it. I love my job and love the customers…some who are now friends. Its been an amazing journey and I am glad it is still going strong and going from strength to strength.